The EXIT Program is more than just a housing organization. We are an agency that is passionate about helping people make long term life changes for the better. Along with our core values Empowerment, Accountability and Transformation, our program is intended to help answer the question, “How do we reduce the likelihood that offenders will return to prison after release? We believe that the answer is to give individuals the assistance they need to make the life changes that truly matter.

Our clients get the hope they need to inspire change. Everyone needs a chance to do well. Desperate people do desperate things. We do our best to take the desperation out of the lives of the people we serve.


The EXIT Program primarily serves low to moderate risk adult male and female offenders convicted of county, state and/or federal offenses. Our uniqueness is that we specialize in working with all categories of offenders including those with developmental disabilities, co-occurring disorders, mental illness, sexual offenses, and substance abuse.


The EXIT Program purposes to prevent homelessness and increase public safety by delivering housing and critical resources that help homeless offenders get off the streets into housing and employment. What matters most to our organization is that our community is a better, safer place to live as a result of the efforts we have made.


Services provided at The EXIT Program include: