Frequently Asked Questions

The EXIT Program (Ex-offenders In Transition) is a 90-day independent living housing program that helps offenders in Ohio make a successful transition to the community upon release from prison or jail. The EXIT program is operated and managed by NISRE, Inc. (Nothing Into Something Real Estate) a faith based, non-profit organization that has been successfully serving the community with the re-integration of offenders from prison since 2002.

The EXIT Program is operated and managed by NISRE, Inc. (Nothing Into Something Real Estate). NISRE, Inc. is a faith based, nonprofit organization that has been successfully serving the community with the reintegration of offenders from prison since 2002. NISRE, Inc. is based out of Columbus, Ohio. It is governed by an 8 member Board of Directors, and overseen by Michele Johnson, Founder & Executive Director.

The EXIT Program currently serves low risk adult men and women offenders.

Since our inception, we've transitioned over 350 ex-offenders from jail/ prison or the streets into housing, expanded our services into 3 Ohio cities Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati (Stepover), employed 10 former offenders, and assisted countless others obtain jobs and permanent housing.

The EXIT Program purposes to promote safe neighborhoods by increasing public safety and ensuring offender accountability. We exist to manage the risk and threat of future victimization that already exists in the community without proper management. When media gets involved, we see it as our opportunity to advise them how The EXIT Program is a community asset, not a liability. Our primary motivation is to promote safe neighborhoods. To us “Crime Prevention is Victim Prevention”

The EXIT Program is specifically for those that have been convicted of a crime within the State of Ohio, for which they are currently being supervised. Out of state cases are only considered if an Interstate Compact agreement has been approved by Ohio. County probation cases are also acceptable as long as they are still under supervision.

We offer short and long term housing. case management, food pantry, clothing pantry, job readiness, sex offender treatment, independent living skills, limited transportation, security and monitoring, and community service initiatives. All social services are offered at local offices.

All participants in The EXIT Program are served by program staff off-site and property on-site staff in an effort to increase public safety and ensure offender accountability. Participants are also supervised by their assigned Probation of Parole Officer.

During the program participant stay in our independent living housing program, each participant is required to provide a personal itinerary to their case manager. Although housing is independent living, house rules indicate a 10 pm curfew. Curfews are enforced 7 days a week at 10 pm every evening, with exceptions only for those who are verifiably employed and scheduled to be at work during this time. On-site property staff monitor and ensure participant accountability. All participants are provided a resident handbook, outlining the program rules and expectations.

Program participant terms for placement into the independent living program are usually 3 to 6 months.

Program Staff documents the violation on an incident report and contacts the supervising officer. The offender is placed on house restrictions until released by management. Depending on the severity of the offense, the offender may be issued a sanction by the supervising officer, or arrested or discharged from the program at which time the program participant will be required to leave the property premises.

Successful completors receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to rent other private housing units from NISRE, Inc for longer lease terms. They are also welcome to come back to The EXIT Program for aftercare services, i.e. treatment, food pantry, clothing, case management, etc.

NISRE, Inc. has a good neighbor policy. We do our best to try to make good neighbors by implementing supervised community service projects in the immediate neighborhood. Past projects include: trash removal, shoveling snow, cutting grass, serving homeless meals at soup kitchens, carrying boxes and stocking food at church food pantry, cleaning churches, and more.

Monitoring in The EXIT Program includes the use of round the clock staffing with live-in on-site housing managers who provide tenant monitoring and tenant rule enforcement on-site between the hours of 10 pm – 6 am, 7 days /wk and 10 am – 6 pm on weekends. On-site housing managers are responsible for performing (3) daily documented checks at the property during their assigned shifts. Security cameras are used to monitor and control the ingress and egress of the program site property and provide 24-hr. surveillance (where applicable).

Resident meetings are held frequently to address resident house rule matters. A formal grievance procedure is also in place, to address matters that a participant feels is unfair, in a professional and diplomatic way.

The EXIT Program provides incentives to motivate participants and reward resident progress through our “resident of the month” program. Individuals are recognized for going above and beyond in the program each month at the resident meeting and provided a gift card.
Successful completors are also celebrated on their last day with a small graduation ceremony, in which a certificate is provided and a picture taken with staff.

7am Wake up / Hygiene / Breakfast

9am- 5pm House Chores/ Programming Time i.e. job search, treatment, appointments, community service.

10pm- Curfew/ House Chores

Security cameras are used to monitor and control the ingress and egress of each Independent Housing site and provide 24-hr. surveillance. Monitoring of these cameras are accessible on site and remotely at the office locations through the internet.

The EXIT Program is currently funded exclusively by The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Stepover Housing is funded by privately by residents and/or their sponsors.

We manage the risk to the community by getting homeless ex-offenders, particularly sexual offenders off the street. We then supervise them, and hold them accountable for their whereabouts and behavior. We ensure that they are following their probation or their whereabouts and behavior. we ensure that they are following their probation or parole stipulations and meeting the strict guidelines required by Ohio law to reduce the threat of future victimization.

No. They are all appropriate addresses for a sexual offender to live.

Your city like most Ohio cities is plagued with the problem of having a high incidence of homeless offenders living on the streets, which creates a threat to public safety. The EXIT Program provides your city and its neighborhoods a responsible solution that will help manage the problem and decrease the risk and prevent future victimization.

The EXIT Program is a responsible solution for low risk offenders returning back to community. The reality is that offenders already live in your community and a record of them are homeless, unemployed and not on supervision. The EXIT Program seeks to make an impact in your community by decreasing the amount of homeless offenders returning from prison or jail, living on the streets, thus making it a safer place to live, work and raise families.

NISRE Inc. is endorsed by The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Bureau of Community Sanctions with whom we contract. In our efforts to expand our housing program into Hamilton, Stark and Summit counties, we have received have additional support from the following:

Supreme Court of Ohio, Adult Parole Authority, APDS, Columbus Area MH, St... Paul A.M.E. Church, Columbus City Council. Columbus Division of Police, Eastside Community Development Corporation, Columbus Legal Aid, F & H Cleaning Services Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Canton Municipal Court, Massillon Municipal Court, City of Alliance, City of Canton Police Department, Compass, Canton Ward 4 Council Member, Help and Homeless Program, The Prodigals, Volunteers of America Greater Ohio, Magistrate Rogena Stargel, Ohio Justice an Policy Center, Goodwill, Beck-N-Call Cleaning Services, Union Baptist Church, and various local citizens.

A successful discharge is attained when a resident acquires an approved place to live, and able to sustain themselves financially.

The mission of the EXIT Program is to help ex-offenders rebuild their lives and become law-abiding citizens by providing independent living housing and re-entry services upon release from prison. We provide clean, drug and alcohol free living.

The mission of the EXIT Program is to help ex-offenders rebuild their lives and become law-abiding citizens by providing independent living housing and re-entry services upon release from prison. We provide clean, drug and alcohol free living.

Yes. The EXIT Program is licensed by The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Referrals can be made by any local agency.

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction must approve any placements in The EXIT Program in order to be State funded. Non paroled cases can be referred, however will not be funded by the state. In this situation, a referral can be made for a person to lease an apartment from us, which is privately paid by the individual, however services in the EXIT Program will still be offered to them.